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A conversation between a man and figments of his imagination. This comic is in arcs and should be read sequentially.

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F.A.S. Panel 21
F.A.S. Panel 21

February 11th, 2008, 6:07 pm

Jet Set

Jet Set is online and functional. There is currently no way to leave comments there however. I hope to work that out soon. Hopefully there will be no need to register, the comments should be able to be made by anyone. It's a lot of fun and work getting everything up and running.

February 9th, 2008, 2:39 pm

Great and awesome news

Hooray. I know I only have a month's worth of comics up, but I've been enjoying myself so much that I wanted to expand. With the help of my roommate I've leased the website I'm pretty excited because I have more creative freedom than I do here. Plus, the only banner ads will be fake. Hopefully, someday, someone will want to advertise on my site, but until then you can expect poorly made banner ads for things like "Fear in a bottle" or "2 ounces of The Force" maybe a "solar powered flashlight" and "glow in the dark sunglasses."

It'll be great fun. The site is already under construction and taking a good deal of my time, I'll still be updating regularly of course and I'll continue updating here on smackjeeves. I hope to have the switch completed by the end of April, but no promises. With all that's going on there may be some technical difficulties, but since I'll be updating on BOTH sites you shouldn't miss anything. If something doesn't work, please leave me a message, I'd really appreciate it.

If you go to right now it has the barebone workings of a website, but the pages mostly just link back to here or deviantart where my images are hosted.

This has become a long news post, 20 foods if you read it all.

December 30th, 2007, 11:19 pm

January '08

For January I've decided to post one new comic every weekday. This will be quite a change from updating on Mondays and Fridays.

The reason for the switch is because I finished the pictures for the first arc ahead of schedule. I set my expectations low and surprised myself with over-achievement. That's very good news because you won't be stuck with me saying that I'll update every weekday then flaking out. There WILL be a new comic every weekday because they're just waiting to be uploaded.

During January I'll be working on the next arc. It'll involve the character Lust. His picture, and others, can be found at my account. During this time I'll decide how often I will update from then on based on my school schedule.

The second arc is already written and most of the pictures are taken, so I shouldn't flake out on you after January either.

From now on I hope to be able to provide comics at a much faster rate, even though I'll be going back to school January 14th. There are two reasons for the slow updates. I've been using GIMP as my image editor. It's an amazing and FREE alternative to PhotoShop but it's taken some getting used to. Now I'm versed enough that I can now assemble a comic-worthy image in a reasonable amount of time. The second reason is that the first comic arc with Self Esteem was done with a green screen and therefore took much longer to assemble. Most of the work for the first comic was removing the green, and in half the pictures I'm wearing a hat with green in it; that added extra difficulty. For these reasons the next arc will be easier on me because I'm now used to GIMP and will not be using a green screen for my conversation with Lust.

Check out my deviantart site for pictures of some characters I hope to include in their own story arcs.

December 24th, 2007, 5:22 am


Well, I hope people like the first few frames. There's a little humor in them, but the arc as a whole should be more captivating.

I'll be updating on Mondays and Fridays at Midnight - Central time.

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